• Do I have to be nude to receive a massage?

    Absolutely not.  At Aloha, we are proud to uphold the highest level of professionalism and remain highly conscious of our Clients’ privacy and comfort level at all times.  Making you uncomfortable is the opposite of the Aloha Way and Mission.

  • What sets Aloha apart from other day spas?

    The Aloha Difference must be experienced to truly be perceived.  From the moment you walk in and hear a warm and genuine “Aloha!”, you begin to feel the positive energy radiating from the therapists and staff. The incorporation of Energy Work and Healing Touch into expertly performed, traditional, therapeutic procedures augment the positive impact.

    Cross-training, mentoring, and staying current on the latest techniques and therapeutic modalities are other methods by which we consistently convey the maximum possible benefit to Aloha Clients.   Please check the “About” tab to meet the Aloha Team and review their diverse and  impressive experience and credentials.


  • Energy work?! Be this witchcraft?!

    Absolutely not.  You won’t find any boiling cauldrons or flying brooms around Aloha.  What you will find are professionals who have studied, in great depth, the practice of  balancing the body’s energies to promote healing and overall wellness.  This type of work is based upon principles of quantum vibration.  It may sound a bit “out there” or metaphysical, but the results cannot be argued with.



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